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Participants: Things to Bring

Participants need to wear facial coverings and bring their own water, as we will not be using water fountains. Water bottle fill stations are available. Please refrain from bringing any bags or items that are not necessary for use during the camp. We are asking all althetes to arrive in their gear as much as possible. Inside space for dressing will be provided but limited. 

Participants: Check In

Please line up at our outside check in table, maintaining 6 feet of distance between yourself and other guests. All entry will take place on the right hand side of the entrance to the building.


All guests will be health screened by a team member prior to entering the facility. This will include temperature check and questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms. If a child is age 13 or younger, a parent must be present at check in. 


Enter the facility and proceed to your designated check in tables.

Participants Only Inside the Facility

Parents or guardians will be permitted to help the skater put on remaining gear so they can enter the ice. At that point, we ask that the parent or guardian please exit the facility and return at completion of the days camp. 

Participants: Exiting

Participants will remain in the facility until a parent comes to the designated exit to check out their child. All participants will be asked to exit through the left side of the entrance to the building.