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Learn to Skate Program



We have the greenlight from the County of Alameda to offer Learn to Skate classes outside for youth and adults under some very strict guidelines. 

Enrollee information:

1.       Maximum 12 participants per group.


2.       Participants can do only one class per two weeks.  


3.       Participant must be 7+ years of age.


4.       Each participant must register as an individual to verify age.


5.       Instructors will stay with the same group for the two-week period.


6.       Classes will be conducted outside.  Participants and Instructors are allowed in the building only to use the restroom.


7.       Dance area is for participants only.  Spectators are not allowed.


8.       Health checks will be done before each class.  If a child should fail this test (including temperature over 100.4, exhibiting any symptoms for otherwise unexplained reasons, exposure to some believed to have COVD-19 in the past 14 days etc.) they cannot attend class that day.


9.       Facemasks are mandatory.


10.       All Alameda County COVID standards apply.  (facemasks should be worn by children 7-12 while under the direct supervision of an adult, 6-foot social distances maintained whenever possible, etc.)


11.       Before enrolling, please review our COVID-19 page: Here


Any registration questions, please contact Monica Perez, Programs Supervisor at

(408) 999-6763, M-F 6am-12pm or email: [email protected]

**NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS will be given.

For more information on Skating Lessons, call (510) 623-7200 or contact Candy Goodson at (408)999-6753 OR [email protected].

Outdoor Classes Now Available!

In an effort to keep our skaters active and healthy during this unfortunate interruption to our ice facilities we are pleased to announce our off-ice Introduction to Dance Series.  Working with three of our very talented instructors that not only have an expertise in skating but also excel in some specialized dance styles we are able to offer these classes.  


In accordance with the state county mandates all classes will be taught outside.  Due to the central location and the size of the area we have decided our Fremont facility parking lot is best suited for our needs.




AGES 7 – 17


We will be offering these three styles of dance: 


Section 1    Saturday, January 16 and 23

       12:00 pm -1:00 pm       Hula 

       1:30 pm – 2:30 pm       Ballroom

       3:00 pm -4:00 pm       Jazz       


Section 2    Saturday, January 30, and February 6

       12:00 pm -1:00 pm       Hula 

       1:30 pm – 2:30 pm       Ballroom

       3:00 pm -4:00 pm       Jazz


Section 3    Saturday, February 13 and 20

       12:00 pm -1:00 pm       Hula 

       1:30 pm – 2:30 pm       Ballroom

       3:00 pm -4:00 pm       Jazz



AGES: 18+


* Credit or Make up class if class canceled due to rain. 

We will be offering the following Off Ice Classes: 

Section 2 Saturday, January 30th and February 6th - Registration open now until 1/29 11am              

1:45pm -2:45 pm    Toning and Conditioning

2:45pm -3:45 pm    Stretch and Spin Positions

Section 3 Saturday, February 13th and 20th - Registration coming soon

1:45pm -2:45 pm    Toning and Conditioning

2:45pm -3:45 pm    Stretch and Spin Positions

Hula Taught By Alyssa Lewis

The Benefits of Hawaiian Dance

  1. Body
    1. Provides physical toning, targeting the hips, stomach, thighs, calves, and arms.
    2.  Provides both a Low-impact and Cardiovascular workout. Depending on the tempo of the songs, some hulas require slow, smooth, and graceful movements while others are faster paced.
    3.  Strengthens back muscles and posture.
    4.  Improves your motor coordination. Coordinating the steps with arm and hip movements can be harder than it looks. 
  2. Mind
    1.  Helps enhance your memory. Memorizing the steps is only one part of Hula. Dancers also learn the meanings of the movement, stories, myths, and legends behind the dances.
    2.  Develops Cultural Awareness and Respect.
    3.  Dancers learn to understand and speak Hawaiian words as they interpret the lyrics of the songs all room and chants into dance.
  3. Spirit
    1.  Helps to ease tension and stress. Many of the Hawaiian songs are about nature; the waves, wind, flower, rain, clouds, etc.…  Visualizing and interpreting the words with movement can mentally transport you to the Islands, connect you to nature and provide a spiritual experience. 
    2.  Experience the “Spirit of Aloha” by building lifelong friends. The people you meet become your "Hula Sisters, Brothers & Ohana".  

Ballroom Taught By Susan Dickerson

The Many Positive Benefits of Ballroom Dancing:

  • Strong Discipline & Teamwork
  • Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Better Social Skills
  • Teaches Proper Etiquette
  • Respect for Themselves and Others
  • Improves Coordination and Balance
  • Encourages Creativity and Self-Expression
  • Exercises the Mind & Body
  • Most of all, it is Fun & Exciting

Jazz taught by Beata Handra

The Benefits of Jazz

Jazz: The health and physical fitness benefits of jazz dance include increased strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. The athletic, full-bodied nature of jazz dance develops arm strength from floor work, leg strength from jumps, and core strength from coordinating the limbs.

Adult Stretch & Spin Positions by Sherri Khrane-Thomas

  • Have you ever wanted to know how someone does that one spin you really like, but you can’t figure out how they did it? We will break it all down for you so you can do it too!
  • Learn specific stretches and positions for advanced spins. 
  • We will discuss the actual skate spinner at the first class.
  • Class will focus on stretching exercises and spin positioning.  
  • Participants will need to bring a large yoga mat and water.

Adult Toning & Conditioning by Samantha Lew

This class will focus on full body toning and conditioning.  It will include exercises that strengthen your on-ice jumping, spinning, endurance, and balance skill.  All levels welcome!

Participants will need a large yoga mat and long resistance bands like this or anything similar will do: See Example

Class Attire for all Classes:

Form fitted top and jacket, leggings or comfortable form fitting pants, tennis shoes & large yoga mat.

Class Lesson Make Up Policy

Sharks Ice Class Lesson Make-up Policy

Due to large number of students, and our desire to offer those in the classes the best possible experience, we are not able to offer make up classes or refunds for our Learn to Skate Classes. 

We appreciate your cooperation.