In addition to our regular classes and practice times, Solar4America Ice offers private Skating & Hockey Lessons from a variety of experienced, well-qualified instructors. To set up a private lesson, please choose from our list of coaches below, or contact our Skating Director, Candy Goodson, who can help you select a private coach. Candy Goodson can be contacted at or 408-999-6753.

Solar4America Ice Private Instructors set their own lesson times in accordance with ice availability. Rates and availability vary per instructor. Lessons are typically taught in 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. Public Session admission is required in additional to private instruction. Private coaches can also provide Public Session groups with skating lessons. 

For private lesson pricing and availability contact the individual instructors. 


Susan Algarne

Years Coaching: 5 Susan is a member of USFS, ISI and the Peninsula Skating Club. She has 5 years of coaching experience, 15 years of competitive skating experience and 3 years of show experience. Teaches all ages and levels.

Alice Ho 510-396-3040

Years Coaching: 7 Alice has over 15 years of experience skating, has participated in Solo Ice Dancing Nationals, and Intercollegiate Nationals. She is a PSA member, USFS Member, and Peninsula Skating Club Member. Received Bachelors at UC Berkeley. Teaches all ages and levels. Available to coach in San Jose and Fremont. Specialty: Freestyle, Ice Dancing.

Sherri Krahne-Thomas

Years Coaching: 18 Regional, Sectional & Junior National Coach. Member of PSA, USFS, ISI and Peninsula Figure Skating Club. 18 Years of experience coaching competitive skaters. Teaches all ages and levels. Specialty: MIF, Spins, Jumps & Choreography for artistic and freestyle programs.

Yaniritza Quiroga 408-504-0378

Years Coaching: 10 Yaniritza is a member of ISI, Peninsula Skating, Professional Skaters Association and United States Figure Skating. She has experience in synchronized skating and gymnastics. She coaches all levels and ages, as well as beginning hockey. Available to coach in San Jose and Fremont. Specialty: Spins, Jumps and Choreography.

Kristina Van Kregten 408-529-6262

Years Coaching: 9 United States Figure Skating competitor for over 15 years in Freestyle, Pairs, and Ice Dancing. Regional, Sectional, and Junior Olympic/National Competitor. Coaching member of the Professional Skater’s Association. Trains competitive and recreational skaters in both USFS and ISI. Beginners through Advanced/Senior levels. Specialty: Basic/Advanced Skills & Technique, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Off-Ice Conditioning.

Lorna Wighton Aldridge Gosvener: 518-637-3969

Lorna is a PSA and USFS certified instructor. She is a three-time Canadian National (Skate Canada) Ice Dancing Champion ( with partner John Dowding), 1980 Olympic Games 6th place finisher, 1980 Worlf Championships 5th place finisher, 1983 World Professional Champion, Ice Capades Principal Skater 1980-87, CFSA Gold Medalist in Compulsories and Free Dance, CRSA Bronze Free Style. Lorna's has been coaching for more than 33 years from 1981 to present which began in Canda during the midst of her year in Ice Capades and continued at Lake Placid Olympic Center before moving to the Bay Area where she continues her passion to Coach. She and her partner John have also served as hosts of Bay Area Ice Dancers Annual Skating Clinic from 1997 until 2016.